Admission Requirements

eflora cream canada Who can refer a person to Phoebe House?

  • You can self-refer, Just call and talk to us
  • You can be referred by agencies or government departments, GPs, counsellors, and family members. 

asthalin rotacaps price *If you are referred by someone, other than yourself, you will need to ring Phoebe House, to participate in a telephone interview.

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fem care pharma ltd share price What happens during the telephone interview?

tadalista 20 canada You will be asked questions to determine if you meet the following pletal cost Admission Requirements:

suprax price 1. You sumycin price must be actively participating in an Opioid Treatment program

lotrisone without insurance 2. You rhinocort where to buy must be over the age of 20

isoptin price 3. You effexor xr price must either have a child under school age, who will live with you at Phoebe House  pred forte where to buy Or Have a child under school age, who you have access to at least once each fortnight;

placentrex lotion price 4. You tylenol usa ingredients must NOT have any outstanding criminal matters

empagliflozin cost in india 5 You vigamox ophthalmic drops price must NOT be pregnant

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What happens if I DO meet the Admission Requirements?

  • If you meet the above Admission Requirements, you will be asked to provide additional details about yourself, which will be recorded (This takes about 20 minutes).

  • You will be advised  your application will be reviewed and if you are considered a suitable candidate for the Phoebe House program, your application will be placed on a waiting list. Waiting times to be placed in the program vary, so it is important that you keep in regular contact.

  • You will also be advised to phone Phoebe House each 2 weeks, to advise us if you are still interested in entering the Phoebe House program (If you don’t phone in, each 2 weeks, you may be removed from the Waiting List. Waiting times to be placed in the program vary, so it is important that you keep in regular contact.

  • Once a place is available, you will be contacted by phone to come in for a face to face interview.

  • Following the face to face interview, and your suitability for the program is confirmed, you will be advised of the proposed entry date (which will usually be in the following week or so).


What happens if I DON'T meet the Admission Requirements?

pariet costo If you don’t meet the Admission Requirements, you will be given information of other services which may be able to assist you. Also use this website to search Referrals for links to other services, which may suit you.